A Directory Of Trustworthy Onion Sites

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Find The Onion Location

Even though the goal of Uncensored Domains is to make it easy to find trustworthy onion sites, it's important that you know how to find an onion location through Tor Browser. Just go to a website, and if they have an available onion address, you'll see a purple badge in the browser URL bar.

Some sites may not have this feature enabled yet, in which case you'll need to manually search for it.

Now, try finding the onion location for this site by visiting it in Tor Browser.

Look for the badge in the URL bar.

Onion Sites

How are sites selected?


Is the organization a registered non-profit, an established business, or are key people public?


Is the site free of misinformation, discriminatory ideology, or other harmful content?


Is the site of interest to non-technical users or users with censored internet?

Want even more?

These are just a few of many onion sites. Check out this extensive list curated by Alec Muffett for more.